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Weather Event: “Hail Damage Decatur”

Decatur Hail Map

As the “Hail Damage Decatur” event reports come in, the reported hail sizes and locations are displayed on this hail damage map. The map will give you an idea of where the hail sightings were. Local news outlets will be covering the stories today and have already begun to update their websites. Local live reports are also expected later today and in the morning.

Honest, hardworking, and trustworthy contractors from the Dallas/Fort Worth metro are on the scene installing tarps to prevent further damage, consulting with homeowners, cleaning up properties, and notifying the insurance carriers. We wish everyone a safe storm response. If you’re a homeowner with questions please visit our FAQ page for more information.

Map of hail damage Decatur

2.75″ Hail Decatur, TX

“Hail Damage Decatur”: Hail Report

Overnight hail damage reports began flooding in. Baseball size hail, up to 2.75″, was recorded in and around the Decatur, North Bridgeport, Jacksboro, and Alvord areas of Texas. This event was recorded for March 9, 2013. The volume of damage is unclear at the moment but large hail tracking organizations like Hail Watch, are already releasing storm swath maps for the “Hail Damage Decatur” storm path.

Check out this youtube video shot from Highway 287.

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